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      The Thompson DNA Project web site is http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/thompson DNA testing is one of the most powerful tools available to genealogists. DNA can break down brick walls when nothing else can--even when the documentary evidence conflicts or the paper trail comes to an end.  DNA test results help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father), and the Thompson DNA project continues to make previously-unknown connections.

      The Thompson DNA project is growing rapidly, and every participant is adding important information to our knowledge about Thompson heritage.

The Thompson DNA Project uses Y-chromosome DNA test results with traditional genealogy to verify, document, and extend existing pedigrees and to make previously-unknown connections between families. Males with the surname Thompson (any variant) are welcome. Variant forms of the surname include Thompsan, Thompsand, Thompsane, Thompsant, Thompsen, Thompsend, Thompsent, Thompsind, Thompsint, Thompson, Thompstolm, Thompstom, Thompstomb, Thompstombe, Thompstome, Thompston, Thompstone, Thompstoom, Thompstoomb, Thompstown, Thompstum, Thompstume, Thompsyn, Thompsynd, Tompsan, Tompsand, Tompsane, Tompsant, Tompsen, Tompsend, Tompsent, Tompsind, Tompsint, Tompson, Tompstolm, Tompstom, Tompstomb, Tompstombe, Tompstome, Tompston, Tompstone, Tompstoom, Tompstoomb, Tompstoombe, Tompstown, Tompstum, Tompstume, Tompsyn, Tompsynd and MORE!

DNA kits are available HERE

The Thompson DNA Project continues to

1.      Collect, document, and extend Thompson pedigrees to find common ancestors. See the Patriarchs page.

2.      Help researchers find related families so they can work together to trace their shared heritage. See the DNA Results page and the Patriarchs page.

3.      Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile the families and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches. See the DNA Results page.

4.      Provide research guidance for tracing Thompson ancestry. See our "What's Next?" page

5.      Assist participants get the most from their DNA results. See our "What's Next?" page.

Do you want to find your Thompson DNA connection? Click here to order a DNA test now.

Do you want to help in other ways with our discovery of Thompson heritage? See the "How to Join" page.

If you would like to contribute to this project, Click here to make a Thompson DNA Sponsorship donation.