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How to wear the Sash or Rosette

Three styles of wearing the sash noted by Thomas Innes, Lord Lyon, 1961:


To make a rosette, e.g., for the third style listed above, lay the sash out to its full length, and fold it in half. Fold the folded end down 6 or 7 inches and wind a rubber band tightly around the middle (fig. 1).

Spread it into a rosette (fig. 2) and fasten the edges of the half circles together with invisible pins at A and B. Fasten a large brooch in the center of the rosette. Now you're ready to pin the sash to your dress. Using a large safety pin, pin the rosette to the shoulder of your dress from underneath, with the ends of the sash floating down your back. Now ask a friend to help you. Moving the top layer of the sash out of the way, ask your friend to pin the closest edge of the sash to the right side of your dress at the waist with a medium safety pin, so it doesn't show. That's it.